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Air Conditioning Servicing

How often should I get my car air conditioning system serviced?  

Most manufacturers recommend your air conditioning is serviced every 2 years, as, on average, approximately 10% of the refrigerant gas is lost each year.  Manufacturers also recommended that you use your air conditioning system at least once a week to maintain optimum performance, even in winter months.  Your cars air conditioning system is not just for keeping the air cool, it is also used to dehumidify the hot air in winter, demisting the windows quickly and efficiently, keeping your windscreen clear. 

How can I tell if my air conditioning is working properly?

If you think your air conditioning system has developed a fault, or perhaps it’s time for a re-gas, please get in touch. Our qualified technicians will remove all the old refrigerant gas and oil and thoroughly clean the system before injecting new oil and refrigerant gas. A temperature reading is then taken to ensure that the re-gas has worked.

Some of the common warning signs that there might be a problem with your air conditioning system include: unusual smells from air vents, windows fogging up when the system is turned on, the air con doesn't cool the vehicle to the required temperature, the fan or blower does not work, dashboard controls are not working, the air con system makes a loud noise when turned on, the car stalls when the air conditioning is switched on or there is water in the foot-well of the vehicle. 

What happens during an air conditioning service?

All gases and moisture are removed through a deep vacuum of the system. We vacuum check the entire system for leaks. Lubricating PAG oil (special air conditioning oil) is added. An ultra-violet dye is added to aid identification of any potential leaks. The gas is measured and recharged into the system. Running pressures are checked. Cabin vent temperature is checked. The system is also checked with an electronic sniffer.

Is it true that the laws have changed regarding air con gas? 

From the 1st January 2017, EU regulations have required vehicle manufacturers to change the type of refrigerant gas used in car air conditioning systems. The old R134A gas has been banned in new vehicles and a new gas 1234YF replaces it.

What are the benefits of having a car with new type gas?  

The main difference between the old gas (R134A) and the new gas (1234YF) is down to its environmental credentials. The old gas has a significantly higher global warming potential than the new gas. If the gas leaks from a car or van’s air conditioning system then it has a higher impact on the environment. Basically the new gas is better for the environment, but unfortunately more expensive for the customer.

How long does it take to carry out an air conditioning service and how much does it cost?

An air conditioning service is £48 inc. VAT. 

There is an additional charge if gas is required; 1234YF is £10.80 per 100gms and R134A is £6.00 per 100gms. All prices include VAT.

Unfortunately the amount of gas still present in your vehicles air conditioning system cannot be determined until the vacuum recovery procedure has been carried out. The average air conditioning system holds approximately 450gms of refrigerant. It is unusual for an air conditioning system to be completely empty unless it hasn't been serviced regularly or there is a leak.  If you would like a 'worst case scenario' estimate, prior to booking, we can calculate this for you from your vehicles registration number.

For more information or to make a booking, please telephone our Service Reception on 01747 822434. 

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